Monday, April 30, 2012

Around Town and Updates

The last month or so we've been traveling and exploring as much as we can. We drove down Highway 1 to Pescadero and found a quaint goat farm called Harley Farms. We picnicked in a Redwood forest. We went hiking in Muir Woods and Muir Beach and enjoyed a day at the California Academy of Sciences. We took another trip to Marin County and Napa. Our apartment is finally about 90% furnished.

Since I work from home I've been trying to convince my husband that I need a studio mate and by that I mean a pup. He's not 100% keen on the idea just yet and instead keeps me pleased by buying tons of plants. Our garden is starting to feel like a small child - ok maybe that's an exaggeration but we've been spending a lot of time on the weekends tending to it - something we could have never done in our last apartment.

It's really starting to feel like home here and I absolutely love it. Now if we could only convince our families to move here...


  1. That goat picture rocks! Speaking of, you should get a goat! It will keep you company AND help you tend the garden :)

    1. It's one of my favs too :) A goat would be interesting...and smelly haha!

  2. I'm so happy you two are loving it!!!!