Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Picks

I'm hoping to start a new weekly post on all things I found in the past week that interest me.
1. Bri's Article on Freelance  - I've now been freelancing for a month and time management has been one of the harder things to get used to. This article explained a lot.
2. Spring Dresses - With a 70 degree forecast this weekend, I'm getting excited to start wearing Spring dresses again.
3. Steven Alan Spring Lookbook 
4. Garden Inspiration
5. Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur - Hoping to check this out one of these weekends.
6. Rifle Fabric - Simply amazing. Isn't it?

This weekend we're hoping to do a lot of birthday celebrating and more exploring. It's between going to Napa or Big Sur for the day. Life is tough... Haha! Hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are. Cheers!

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